Rose gold, opal, and diamond clicker by Micah of Scylla Jewelry.

r u FUCKING kidding me

Oh god

sass-squatch replied to your post “existingreality replied to your post:existingreality replied to…”

it’s what u get 4 not coming to Cali >:)


#praying4u hope you sleep soon <3

lol its officially 6 now

Holy shit girl x__x. Have you ever tried that Zzzquil shit? (I mean I never have but might help you out). I MISS YOU TOO UGH SUMMER NO FUN WITHOUT ALL MY FRIENDS :’(

im gonna have to. or take melatonin or something. if if i cant fall asleep soon i’ll go exercise in the morning and tire myself out. YUSS I MISS ALL MY RISD PEEPS.

That was me back in Maryland I feel you bby <3

ughh. yesterday i fell asleep at 7:30am so this is an i s s u e

I have been trying to sleep for the past three hours and it’s not happening

Lucy Liu photographed by Naomi Kaltman, 1999.
did a quick selfie since i havent drawn myself in a long long time